Explaining the Korean 10 step+ skincare routine [a.m. to p.m.]+printable

Hi! Here is my ten+ steps day and night routine. Please keep in mind that not everybody needs this routine. It might be to much for some peoples skin. For me personally I did not have a proper skin care before starting to use this routine. I use to wash my face and moisturise and that was it. So when I first tried all of these steps and products my skin reacted and I brook out a lot. So every time I would get pimples I would stop this routine completely and wait for my skin to heal. I did not get the results I wanted, because I did not stick to the routine probably. Mind you, I used all of this since November but I only saw results in late January. That's because as I said, I was not constant at first. I would use it for three days, break out and then stop using it for a week and so on. it only took me two weeks with every day use to see amazing results. I will be listing what I personally use with each step, BUT you do not need the exact same products as me. Use what ever you have, just follow the same steps.
PLEASE NOTE: this might not be the 100% correct way for the Korean 10 step routine, but this worked out wonderfully for me and I do use it everyday.
below is a printable you can use to remind you which step goes first.

Morning [ a.m.] routine

Cleanser: use a gel, foam or a water-based cleanser to remove the dirt and left over cream from the previous night.
I use the Holika Holika charcoal egg soap, Neutrogena oil free acne wash.

Toner: hydrates and calms the skin.
I use plain old rose water in spray bottle,or sometimes the Monoprix gentle toner for sensitive skin.

Moisturiser: I use the Bepanthen moisturiser.

sunscreen: I only added this step recently but its so important to protect the skin from the sun, since its a big reason that we get wrinkles.
I have the Holika Holika compact one and the gel one too.
After the sunscreen you can apply make up as you would regularly.

Night [ p.m. ] routine

Oil cleanser: use to melt away make up as a first step of cleaning. then you have the option to wipe it off (with clean towel, or wet wipes) or move on to the next step.
there is balms or oils that you could buy, but personally I use any of these. Holika Holika all kill cleansing oil balm, almond oil, coconut oil.

Water based cleanser: any gel or foam would work. as long as its oil free. avoid the eyes as most products suggest. to remove the oil from the previous step use wet wipe or micellar water only on the eyes.
I use the Holika Holika charcoal egg soap, the Neutrugena oil free acne wash, all kill cleansing clay to foam.

Exfoliator: There is two different types of exfoliators. There is chemical and physical exfoliator. both are used to removes dead skin cells and circulate the blood flow on the face. use once a week or when ever it is needed, just do not use it daily.

I use Holika Holika smooth egg peeling gel (chemical), Lush dark angels (physical), soap and glory scrubatomic(physical), St.ives green tea scrub(physical).

Toner: keeps the pH level of the skin balanced, refreshes, hydrates and calms the skin.
I use the Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera toner at night.

Essence: it is described as a hybrid between a toner and a serum. depending on which one you get it'll have different results. generally though it promises to plump hydrate and renews skin cells.
I use the body shop vitamin e, Holika Holika skin & Good Cera one.

Serum or Ampoule: this is the part where you need to know what specifically is your skin issue/concern, and how bad is it? (e.g.: whitening, anti-ageing, hydrating..etc). Both serums and ampoules have active ingredients to target a specific skin concern. Though ampoules are much stronger more concentrated than a serum. so if you have hyper pigmentation/ dark spots but it's not that bad, use a serum. If it is very noticeable use a ampoule.
i use the Holika Holika one solution firming ampoule.

Sheet mask: one of my personal favourite steps. it can be used more than once a week, only if your skin can handle it. again it will varies depending on what you need, but I use anything that I can get my hands on!
i've tried Holika holika , the face shop, daiso, sephora, and also i D-I-Y some too.

Eye cream: to reduce wrinkles and hydrates the eye.
currently using the body shop elderflower cooling gel.

Moisturiser: sometimes called emulation to hydrate the skin. and yes even oily skin needs hydration!
for the night i use the Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera emulation.
night creen to seal in what you put on the skin and furthure hydrate. this step can be replaced with oils too.
I use the Holika Holika Skin & Good Cera super cream.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • DO NOT RUB the products into your skin. first of, it's bad for the skin, but also you will rub the layers of products off. so just PAT every thing in gently. 
  • I personally substitute the exfoliators with detoxing face masks, though not every body needs it. 
  • You do not have to go out and buy these things, just use what ever you have.


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