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Easy three step skin care routine (beginners friendly)

Hello! This is a really easy skin care for those who do not have the time/money to use a lot of products. Anybody could use this skincare, but it's especially good for teenagers since they do not have to worry about wrinkles and what not. I personally use this regimen now, if I do not feel like using my 10+ step Korean skin care . I use to use different products when I was a teenager that cleared my skin, which I'll provide a link to it if I ever post it. I'll list my product recommendations for every skin type under each step. I tried all the product listed because my skin changed over the years, from very oily to combination to now, normal and dry with somewhat of an oily nose. 1.Face wash Find a face wash targeted to your skin (oily, normal, dry, combination,sensitive). If you are not sure of what type of skin you have click here to read my post about it! Generally speaking, gels are more suited for oily skin.Words like milk or cream cleansers would be su

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